Backyard GALAH Cam announcements
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:this: :this: :this: :this: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray: can only say this after reading these messages:
To all of you :giveheart: :giveheart: :giveheart: :giveheart: :giveheart: :giveheart:

When I can speak without falling to pieces because you all mean so much to me I will say more :( hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles hugsiciles
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Image Image Image Image Image Image
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:rocks: :rose: :tumblewee: BYGC TRAVELING LIKE A TUMBLEWEED lol :cray:
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Ok, I’m sure you have read ImagePeachey’s announcement and ya have had the day off! Now it’s time to start posting again come on nimble up those fingers and start typing! Image Get with the program and join in on the forums!! We might be getting a different view on the camera BUT the chat is staying the same!!

I’m not going anywhere and I talk to my self enough!! Meet ya here this evening!!!!!!!
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Yes I have to confirm that the website and chat is not going anywhere we will be keeping it running for as long as is humanly possible and the cam will be in the good hands of Bruce also. This will give everyone new sights and sounds to see while Kim is not able to stream. BYGC will be back in Peacheyroo's hands as soon as she is able to do so too! So everyone has great reasons to stick around as we are not going anywhere! :) Peacheyroo will definitely be around to chat with us all too, you really think Kim can stay away from us for that long? LOL
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Yeah I agree with all the other posts, I'm staying put, besides where am I going to post all me jigsaws LOL LOL .......
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Ditto what snowbird said, this will always be "your cam" but am thankful to Bruce for sharing his world too. I am sad to not be able to see you in person and watch our precious Gabby and Harry grow up. I hope when you get settled that we will see you all again. Meanwhile, sniff, what snowbird said. I continue to offer prayers for your beautiful family. Huggs and kisses too.

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My dearest Miss Peachey,

I have grown accustomed to seeing you and your wonderful family for over a year now. My heart jumps every time I think about logging on; I wonder what I am going to see next, or what kind of trouble Wally or Billie is going to get into!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of change.

I miss you guys already.

Love & best wishes to you all.

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Oh dear friend, I just stopped by and saw that things were not familiar. Then I read the posts. Although I have been MIA for awhile, I have and will hold you dear in my heart. I do not know what is happening, but I join the rest of one of the best families that has surrounded me to wish you all the best in the changes that you are facing. You have helped me and I want to return that to you with my thoughts and hopes that we all meet again in the future when things are resolved. :worried: :waving:
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:( Good Luck Peachey hugicles :waving:
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