Whats your Favourite Meal???

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We all have a favourite dish that we love and cook for our family on a regular basis.
In our family I am regularly asked to make Spaghetti Bolognese. Minced beef (ground beef) with tomato based sauce serve with spaghetti pasta! Kids love it and its quick and easy. However thats the kids favourite meal..... I love to eat Fettucine Marinara in a cream garlic sauce!! :thumbsup:

Tell us your favourite meal in your family that either you cook alot or just your ultimate favourite to eat :grin:

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spaghetti alla carbonara are good easy and fast on you tube you can find some recipe and good appetite :wave:
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My favorite meal is definitely anything Italian. Pasta and pizza are perfect meal for me. Vegetable salad to balance the oil and fats. I just love pasta so much.
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Our favorites are vegetable lasagne ..... yummy :eat:
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Roast beef, mashed potatoes and corn. (lots of gravy)
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:eat: There's so many to choose from. I would have to say Beef Enchiladas.
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Definitely Lasagne! :D
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I like the basic dishes the best. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and peas.

I like lamb dishes so Greek cuisine is a hit with me.
Steak and kidney pie...
yorkshire pudding

meat over here I like to be kosher as I've heard awful tales.
On the ranch we raised our own beef and pork, and had the chooks running everywhere plus with a garden we were pretty self sufficient.
Debbie from VA
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Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Butter Beans and Biscuits.....YUM, a good ole southern meal.
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