Hello all from Los Angeles California.

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I am new here and I have been really enjoying looking at all the beautiful birds you guys and gals are so lucky to enjoy every day.I just recently renewed my lifelong interest in Parrots and Cockatoos I have always loved them but just never had time before to think about possibly becoming a bird companion or just possibly becoming a bird rescue as it is such a problem here in the USA. People giving up their birds because they are not prepared to own a Semi-Wild Animal. And through no fault of their own the poor birds end up being shuffled from home to home until they usually wind up in a bird sanctuary if they are lucky. So anyway helloo to alll and hope to chat with some of you all as time goes by. Thanks Eric Kent
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Welcome to BYGC, Eric.

There is often a large variety of native Aussie birds on cam.

Feel free to browse through our forums; they contain some great photos and videos from around the world.

Hope to see you in chat soon, too, Eric.

Al. :LOTT:
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Welcome Eric! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have. :-) Granny
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