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200 posts!
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Hello Corry and Frank,

Welcome to Backyardgalahcam. Your pictures are a wonderful way of introducing your 'family' but I must say that it was the one of the dogs that really grabbed my attention. They are just gorgeous. I guess they are very spoilt and they look like they deserve to be!! lol

I'm sure you will find this site and viewing the birds here to be a great way to relax after a hard day in the machine shop.

We look forward to seeing you in the chat sometime.

Best regards,
Liz / NannyMac :nm:
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Absolutely fabulous animals there fmolen... beautiful birds!
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Hi there everybody.
It's been a long time ago we visited this site but the workshop is a bit exploding with contracts so we don't have th time to visit the cam hardly anymore.
Maybe after christmas when everything is cooling down a bit with work we will be joining again.

Greetings from the Netherlands by Frank And Corry
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