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Chris Wink
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Hello all. I am Chris.

I am owned by 2 parrots. Both Males.

Echo is my 4yr old DNA Male TAG (Timneh African Grey) the grey that is a bit smaller has a darker grey feather and a maroon tail instead of the bright red.

Tobi is my 1yr old male Eclectus Parrot.
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Hello Chris and welcome to our chat.I am in WV ,so not far from you. Hope you enjoy the chat room and feel free to jump in at any time.
Bill Lane
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08/16/11 Hi Chris; welcome to our chat room. I am also owned by two birds and a pomeranian. I am in Anchorage, Alaska
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G'day Chris and welcome to Backyard Galah Cam!
I am owned by so many birds I have lost count LOL

I am sure you will enjoy sharing funny and inspiring tales about your birds here in chat or forums!
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Welcome to BYGC Chris! Tobi and Echo are beautiful! I am owned by a galah and three cockatiels and am in CT, so not too far from you!

I'm looking forward to meeting you in chat.

galahmom :gm:
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Welcome to the boards
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