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I am fortunate enough to have been able to begin and maintain a website that is unique to the world. I am also fortunate enough to have a Chatroom that is both safe and G-rated for so many diversities of people around the world. Its nature for us all to have different ideas and opinions when we are interacting and enjoying each others company, and sometimes these differences can clash. This is why any site requires staff that are hand picked to reflect the owners own ideas, opinions, morals and standards so when we/I are not present they can act purely on our instructions formed in the background behind the scenes.
Anytime here at BYGC when the staff need to act or put the fire out on any issue, be it in the chatrooms or the forums for whatever reason... I would ask for them and their decision to be respected just as you would respect mine when I am here online.
We are all here to work together as a team and to enjoy yours and everyones company. I do want to protect this sites reputation and its unique environment as I know you all are here for that very reason :)
Kim Steedman :yahoo: