[Information] Non G-Rated Commercials appearing on cam

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Post May 2nd, 2011, 10:28 pm

Hello Everyone!

Recently we have had reports of some non G-Rated commercials appearing on our cam and also some other cams like Littlehouse Live.

These commercials consist of dating and singles ads and sometimes even worse. We do not have any control over this and do not support such commercials on websites that cater for all ages including Children.

We fully understand that Ustream needs commercials to support the bandwidth used by us broadcasters but we can't stand by and let non G-Rated commercials that are not suitable for children's (under 18's) eyes in the slightest keep appearing on our cam.

If you see such a non G-Rated commercial on BYGC, we would ask that you please Contact Us and if possible please send us a screenshot of what you are seeing so that we can report it to Ustream.

Thank You,

Ricksterm, PEACHEYROO and the BYGC Team.