Backyard GALAH Cam announcements
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Here is a selection of Testimonials we have received from our viewers and visitors:
4everbaby wrote:Hey there from Oregon, USA!! What a wonderful site! We really enjoy it. I turn it on so my galah can visit with his cousins, way 'Downunder'. ; ) Galahs are called rose breasted cockatoos here though..... and I must say, to purchase one here is far different from having them as pests in Australia!! Anyway, so happy I was given the address. Thanks!
ranchmouse wrote: I just wanted to say thank you so much for your webcam...thank you for sharing your beautiful country and wildlife with others. I have always wanted to visit Australia but have never had the chance to...not sure I ever will. So having your cam available is a blessing for me. [...]
Thank you again for your time and effort, this webcam brings me a lot of happiness.
Sherriella wrote: I love watching this site daily . . . Peachey does a wonderful job, beautiful place . . .I also enjoy the chats with warm, caring people . . .thank you for such a pleasure . . it's been peaceful for me the last two months - thank you!
Lesley Turvey wrote: Hi, Im from Perth and my daughterin law tld me about your cam after she read the article in the take 5 mag. I'm a huge bird and and love your set up. It's great to find an Aussie cam for a change :)
Kathy Kovacs wrote: My #1 favorite cam on the web! Fabulous garden, beautiful birds, gorgeous scenery, what is not to love, about Galah Cam! Thank you Kim, for all you do for the birds, and for opening up your beautiful yard, so that all of us around the world, can watch those amazing birds!
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DaleneK wrote:Thank you so much for having this cam, had a really rough day, hubby had shoulder surgery, during surgery had a suspected heart attack. so it really helped me unwind to come home and watch these gorgeous birds.
spottedturtle wrote: Thank you for this wonderful cam. I enjoy watching the galahs and sulfur cresteds every day. It is especially special for me since I have two galahs, Hannah age 11 and Harry age 8. I cannot imagine what it would be like to watch them fly free..
gran-marti wrote: Thank you, thank you for all the time and effort it takes for you to give us a place to visit that is pure joy. What a pleasant surprise to see your Easter greeting. A Blessed Easter to you, too.
Ruth-1 wrote: Beautiful!!! I love visiting your yard!
MantraPL wrote: I love this site. It's 1 a.m. here in Poland and I'm watching your birds instead of going to bed. :-) They are amazing!
Kim Steedman :yahoo: