Native plants for my garden???

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Growing plants is a good way of keeping a home fresh and green. Have you heard about plug plants? These plants have a neat plug of roots well set for the growth. So plug plants can be kept anywhere inside a home due to its small size. It can be kept on hanging baskets, pots, small containers etc.
There are a lot of benefits for plug plants compared to seedlings. Some of them are:
1) They have a better root system and plant health thus reaching the maximum potential during harvest.
2) They grow more vegetables and flowers as they are less prone to pests and damage.
3) Not limited to seed varieties of plants.
4) They reduce energy costs and time.
5) They are much easier to weed than plants grown from seeds and easy to fill in the areas of the garden.
I have a vegetable garden in my home. I am very passionate about gardening. In my garden, I grow celery and lettuce. I am selling it to small shops too. Now, I am planning to grow some flowering plants in my garden. I have contacted one of the nurseries for native plant seeds. Which are the good native plants? Are they colorful? Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for the time.