Question about the birds here on cam

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Post April 7th, 2012, 10:49 am

All of the birds are so beautiful. Why are there no "trash" birds like we have in United States? Thinking about starlings, cowbirds, and other birds that are ugly, spill great quantities of seed on ground, and chase away all the other birds.
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G'day MichiganLady, I'm Kezza (an Aussie) yes we do have "trash" brids like starling, myna's, and pidgeons here on the cam, but I think that the Galah's and Cockatoo's out number them LOL, you might see them when the others are roosting or having a mid-morning siesta! lol Keep watching or go back and look at the screenshots as I think some might be in them....hope this has helped.....regards Kezza hugsiciles
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