Chicken or Cheese Enchiladas

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Chicken or Cheese Enchiladas

20 corn tortillas
Corn oil in a skillet warmed to about 150 degree. To soften the tortillas.
Boiled shredded chicken amount depends on how much you like in each enchilada
Colby jack cheese, pepper jack cheese and longhorn jack cheese (firm orange cheese)
Two large yellow onions
Two heads garlic
One jalapeno
1 can favorite chili I use Wolfs Brand with beans

Use a grater and shred the onions and garlic or use a food processor to make them fine shred.
Course grate the cheese the more the merrier to me most will be used as fill, but make sure you leave some for topping of pan.
Mix the three cheeses up and mix in the onions and garlic to a consistency of pimento cheese.
Warm the skillet with about ¼” of corn oil and place the tortillas on a plate and roll up about three fingers worth of filling in each one. (If adding chicken add now. I use a generous amount)
Lay the individual rolls side by side in a 10X8 baking pan and add till the pan is filled. (Feeds 4)
Pour canned chili over the top and spread evenly over the pan before placing cheese all over the top of the pan, the more the better to me. I cover with a 1/8” layer.
Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 30 min and then remove from oven while the pan is bubbling and cheese on top has a nice golden crust.
Serve with sour cream and salsa on the side with a beverage of your choice.
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Now that sounds good..

Sounds like Texas and Oklahoma way to