Canadian guy who went to Aus to film parrots

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G'day guys:

Don here. I traveled to Aus in 2008 to film as many parrots as I could. The super thing is that I was real fortunate and filmed about 50 species. Everything except for night parrot. Now after 2 years my film on Aussie parrots is done and its been released. If anyone wants to have a look at a trailer from the doco you can view it here:

Your welcome to come by and view stills from my whole journey around Aus here if you like:


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I thought I had posted a reply to this and seems I am imagining things again.

I love the MM2's and did have three pair myself although never sold as pet quality... Due to fickleness when reaching maturity.
I do have a few breeder friends that do raise them and are having such a bumper crop they can't get but 350 Aussie dollars for them.
Considering here stateside they sell for 3,000 to 3,500 male and female respectively.

I will add your web addy into my favourites and will pass it along to the various bird groups I belong to.