Hi fellow birdwatchers from “NWBirdwatcher” in the Pacific N

Introduce yourself to the community!
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:wave: I have had the pleasure of viewing this site for several months now, and have enjoyed reading the chat between everyone. This has to be the most amazing site I have ever come across, with not 1 but 2 cameras set up for our viewing pleasure. Everyday I can’t wait until the sun comes up in Australia so I can see the new position Peachyroo has placed the cameras in. What a dear soul she is for taking on the responsibility of feeding these parrots. Years ago I saw a documentary on Australia and viewed the extreme measures that farmers took to be sure that their crops were not destroyed by parrots. To say the least, it was disturbing seeing these beautiful birds destroyed because they were nuisances. Being the owner of 4 parrots, I admire Peacheyroo for her dedication, feeding and all the care she provides. It is awesome seeing the parrots in their natural setting, so I can observe their social interaction and antics. Special blessings to you Peachyroo for caring and making a difference.
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Welcome to the board
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Welcome NWBirdwatcher! Glad you could join us here. Yes, Peachey puts in a lot of hard work keeping things interesting for us, and the birds are amazing on cam.

I'd love to hear about your birds! I am owned by three cockatiels and a galah. Have your birds watched the cams yet?

I look forward to meeting you in chat! :yes:

galahmom :gm: