Marianne from the Netherlands

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I moved your post here marianne, you deserve your own spot in Introductions :D :good:
Cheers Peachey

Post by mariannenl » Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:30 pm
a very late reply from me, but thanks to the christmas wishes from the list I have got the address back again
My computer crashed twice, helas.

I am Marianne from the netherlands, yes also a dutch lady, enjoying the cam, I am owned by 11 parrots, 9 congo african greys and two amazons
I breed cockatiels and have at about 25 of them in different mutations
I have a 10 years old jack russell terrier always nearby and not to be trusted with my birds

I have had too s in the past, two very tame goffins and two umbries, but helas was not able to keep them any longer due to sound problems, even when they were inside the house, I still miss them very much !

I dont know yet how to post pics here, but I will certainly do that

Merry christmas to all of yuo
Kim Steedman :yahoo:
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Welcome to the board
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Welcome Marianne. I will be traveling to the Netherlands (and Belgium) in April for Floriade, the once every 10 years horticultural festival. Looks spectacular! Have you been to it before? Also going to Keukenhof and the various tulip drives. I've been to the Netherlands before, but not at that time of year to see the spectacular flowers!

Do you enjoy the flowers in your homeland? Do you grow tulips?

Glad to have you here! I have three cockatiels (2 normal grey males and 1 pied male), and a galah.

galahmom :gm:
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Hey Marianne, fancy seeing you here. It's Pam from the UK (Birdsforall). Glad to hear all is well. I lost Tia, my precious little African Grey in September, still have my Hahns Macaws, Senegal, Conure, 12 Cockatiels, Bertie, my 56 year old African Grey and Cassie, my Galah, thankfully we are all well. Take care. Hugs