Hi from Canada!

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My name is Dianne and I'm from Dundas Ontario Canada. I have been "lurking" for quite a while. Love the birds I see on the web cam! Especially the Gallas and Cockatoo's. I have a couple of feeders here and enjoy many Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jays and Red Breasted Grouse Beaks. We live beside a conservation area and are very lucky to enjoy these birds. I have visited Australia twice. I spent most of my time in Brisbane since my son was attending university there (U.Q. St. Lucia) He now lives in Rockhampton. Hopefully, I will find a voice and join the conversation soon! Everyone seems to be very friendly!
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Welcome!! Everyone is very nice. Granny
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Glad to hear from you, koulmom.

Feel free to come into chat at any time, day or night, there's usually somebody there to chat with.

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Al. :drinks:
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Welcome to the board
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:D Hello and welcome