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Hello, I was so excited to find this cam/gallery! I am owned by a 12 week old galah that I got at 6 weeks of age and hand fed until she was weaned successfully. Her name is Cheerio. Despite two crooked toes, she's very active, vocal and funny. I love to see how she's learning and growing every day.
It's a wish of mine to some day visit Australia so I can see the galahs, other cockatoos and the wide variety of birds that live there. I think this is an awesome opportunity to see them from the comfort of my home.
Owned by 1 young galah and 1 Meyers parrot. Caretaker to 5 chihuahuas, 2 panther chameleons and 2 aquatic turtles. Married to a very understanding man.
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Welcome to BYGC, theresaintucson.

We're glad you found our site. At the moment, the cam is in a temporary location as Peachey, the founder of the site, is changing addresses.

On the cam you will see lorikeets, honeyeaters and wattlebirds as well as ibis wandering in the park over the road.

We have lots of forums and galleries to look at as well.

Cheerio sounds delightful. Maybe you can post some photos of her here.

Al. :LOTT:

P.S. I'm glad you're married to an understanding man. Mind you, all men are understanding. LOL LOL
Al. :drinks:
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Hi and welcome
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Welcome! I look forward to meeing you and your "zoo", especially Cherio. Hang with us till the cam is able to show galahs again in their natural habitat, meanwhile, enjoy getting to know a different side of Australia's awesome birds.
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:wave: WELCOME!
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