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The following instructions might help for those who want to be able to "enlarge" what is on their screen to see better.
these instructions are for Windows XP. For Vista or windows 7, please ask if you need further help.

On the Start menu:

Point to All Programs.

Point to Accessories.

Point to Accessibility.

Select Magnifier.

Notes A message box with a link to more information about Microsoft Magnifier may appear. To close the box, select OK.
To use Magnifier but hide the Magnifier Settings dialog box, select the Minimize button.
To turn off Magnifier, in the Magnifier Settings dialog box, select the Exit button.
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This works perfectly for me and at frst it was a bit confusing until I found a place what was comfortable for me to see the magnified reply line, (for me that isn't overhead, but above the can screen)